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Wadi Al-Hitan Electronic Platform: A virtual tour to uncover our natural treasures

Grantee: Bader for Sustainable Development
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 12/2021

Increase the quality of Wadi Al-Hitan in Wadi El-Rayan management systems and protecting its natural resources and provide useful information about this important global cultural heritage.

Digital Library Component:

  • Providing documented information about Wadi Al-Hitan to the public and researchers.
  • Availability of a set of high quality photographs and videos.
  • Providing scientific and cultural articles, in addition to many scientific reports and theses.
  • Providing videos and documentaries about Wadi El Rayan Reserve, and Wadi Al-Hitan area.

Virtual Tour Component:

  • Enable visitors to make a virtual visit to the World Heritage site in Wadi Al-Hitan.
  • Providing a unique experience for those interested in natural heritage, environment and reserves.
  • Contribute to enriching the site's visitors with a good amount of information, which may not be available in the event of a real visit.
  • Enabling those responsible for raising awareness on the Wadi Al-Hitan website to display the required content in a modern and innovative way.
Website component:

  • Creation of a website dedicated to the Wadi Al-Hitan region, Wadi Al-Rayan Protectorate, in both Arabic and English.
  • Allow browsing the website using smart mobile devices and tablets.
  • Connecting those interested in the environment and natural heritage in the Wadi Al-Hitan region and providing information to support eco-tourism.
  • Providing information for free, where the visitor can obtain information with ease and ease.
  • Enable visitors to take a virtual tour of the site, which contributes to the development of tourism and increase the number of visitors.

Visitors to the Wadi El Rayan Reserve, Local community in the Fayoum reserves, Lovers of natural history and ecotourism, Workers in the ecotourism sector in Fayoum

Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection Sector, Fayoum University, Fayoum Culture Palace, Directorate of Education, Wadi El Rayan Reserve
Beneficiaries: 500 thousand visitors annually, residents of surrounding villages, 300 workers in eco-tourism in Fayoum

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