Together to Save Ene...

Project Details.

Together to Save Energy

Grantee: Youth Assembly for Developing Human Resources
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 12/2021

To provide a sustainable solution to improve the climate situation in Kafr El-Sheikh city and mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions, by raising the community awareness of energy efficiency, and reducing electricity consumption by using LED bulbs.
  • Lighting the main Nasr Square in Kafr El-Sheikh city with 20 LED spotlights.
  • Illuminating the streets of the villages of Mataboul and Al-Tayfa with a number of LED headlights.
  • The economic situation of thousands of citizens has improved as a result of savings in the electricity bill.
  • More than 2,000 families benefiting from the project have used energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • Qualifying a team from the association with technical knowledge to repair energy-saving devices.
  • Reducing the rates of general consumption of electricity, which reduces the emissions resulting from power generation.
  • Qualifying community cadres to spread awareness of global warming and its effects.
  •  Increasing public awareness of the importance of energy conservation, installing LED bulbs, and reducing greenhouse gases.
  • The existence of a model of revolving loans that helps a steady increase in the number of beneficiaries.
  • Finding a model of partnership between the different sectors of society to address local problems with a global mindset.
  • The existence of sustainable environmental models and a model of partnership between the various sectors of society in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.

            Kafr El-Sheikh city, Mataboul village, Al-Tayfa village

The Directorate of Education, the local unit, the NGOs in the targeted villages
Beneficiaries: 2000 families benefited from the sale of LED bulbs in installments, lighting the homes of 100 poor families with the saving bulbs for free

  • State:

    Kafr El Sheikh

  • Areas of Work:

    Climate Change