Thank you Bags

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Thank you Bags

Grantee: Seen 9 for Sustainable Development
Start Date: 3/2020
End Date: 12/2021

To reduce dependence on plastic bags and replace them with bags made of fabric, which contributes positively to climate change, in addition to raising public awareness on plastic harms.

·        Producing 25 thousand cloth bags and distributing most of them to citizens in the project implementation areas.

·        Production and distribution of 10,000 bags and selling at least half of them to the pioneers of a chain of a major trading company.

·        Reducing the use of plastic bags, which contributes to alleviating the burden on the environment and natural resources.

·        Training and rehabilitation of 36 women in the manufacture of cloth bags and the employment of 12 of them on a permanent basis.

·        Spreading awareness among the people of the beneficiary areas of the benefits of environmentally friendly bags.

The village of Manshiet Arab Soliman in Giza Governorate, and the Gesr Al-Suez area in Cairo Governorate

National Research Center, Carrefour Wholesale Trade Company
Beneficiaries: 36 women directly, and 35,000 people indirectly

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    Climate Change