Save your Energy

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Save your Energy

Grantee: Association of Modern Women Charity
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 12/2021

To encourage the use of new, clean and rational electricity and rationalize the use of electricity in houses and governmental entities by awareness raising and making El-Hella a model village for energy rationalization

  • Distribution and installation of 4000 energy-saving LED bulbs on 300 families.
  • Installing 450 LED lights in a number of service institutions (Hilla Primary School, Family Planning Clinic, Health Department, Educational Department, Youth and Sports Department, Quos Central Hospital).
  • Installing 100 LED lights at the entrances to 4 villages belonging to the Grajos Village Council.
  • Installing 3 solar heaters for 3 families in the village of Hilla.
  • Implementation of training courses and awareness-raising meetings in schools, youth centers and NGOs.
  • Establishing a maintenance center for training on repairing electrical and household appliances to rationalize energy consumption.

Quos City, Hilla Village, Al Shaarani Village, Al-Harajiya Village, Najma Al-Yamani, Nag Al-Sahel, Nag Al-Kuraimat, Ezbet Yassin, Ezbet Al-Shouna, Ezbet Al-Nasr

The local unit of the center and city of Quos, the Department of Electricity, the Educational Department, the Department of Youth and Sports
Beneficiaries: 300 families directly - 8000 indirect beneficiaries

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    Climate Change