Recycling of solid a...

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Recycling of solid and agriculture wastes

Grantee: Roh El Hayat Association for Development and Dialogue
Start Date: 3/2020
End Date: 12/2021

Protecting the environment from pollution by reducing greenhouse gases resulting from burning agricultural and organic waste, by recycling it for use in the production of biogas and organic fertilizers and improving the lives of farmers.
  • Establishing 15 biogas units for the production of biogas for domestic use for 15 families.
  • Creating 15 compost piles using animal and agricultural waste.
  • Implementation of 15 training courses with the participation of 200 small farmers to raise awareness of ways to recycle agricultural waste.
  •  Implementation of guidance sessions for small farmers to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the environment by making use of agricultural waste.
  • Organizing 4 workshops to prepare plans for the strategic management of the project in 12 local village units.

Villages in 4 districts in Fayoum Governorate (Itsa, Al-Jaafra and Shadamoh in the Itsa district, Mansha’at Al-Jamal in the Tamiya district, Ibshaway, Shakshuk and Abu Shanab in the Ibshaway district, Fayoum and Mansha’at Rahmi in the Fayoum district)

Fayoum Governorate, Bioenergy Corporation, Environmental Affairs Agency, Directorate of Agriculture, local units in the targeted centers (Itsa, Tamiya, Ibshaway and Fayoum), NGOs, the private sector
Beneficiaries: 2,680 beneficiaries (30 families directly, 2,600 farmers indirectly, 50 rural leaders)

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    Climate Change