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Rationalize energy consumption and raise efficiency in the city of Esna and surrounding villages

Grantee: Um-AlKora Association for local community development
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 12/2021

The project aimed to reduce CO2 and other GHG, raising the environmental awareness for local communities about the importance of rationalizing energy consumption, as well as depending on solar energy as clean and renewable energy alternative to electric power.
  • Educating 376 people from the local community through the implementation of 3 seminars in coordination with the Upper Egypt Electricity Company.
  • Providing renewable energy sources by installing 9 solar heaters with a capacity of 150 liters for 9 families.
  • Providing job opportunities for 20 young cadres of both sexes in the repair and maintenance of solar heaters.
  • Distributing more than 7,600 LED lights to 1,100 families using the revolving loan system.
  • Reducing the environmental risks resulting from the wrong exploitation of electrical energy sources.
  • Installing 44 LED lights to illuminate a number of streets in the center and city of Esna.
  • Reducing the burdens on poor families by paying the prices of LED bulbs and solar heaters in installments.
  • Recycle the proceeds from the sale of LED bulbs to ensure the continuity of the implementation of activities in other villages and regions.

The villages of the center and city of Esna (Al-Juhaynat, Al-Salamiya, Nagaa Abu Saeed, Al-Hilla, Al-Manshiya area)

Esna Center and City Council, Upper Egypt Electricity Company, Social Solidarity Department, natural and popular leaders
Beneficiaries: 1213 families directly - 2000 families indirectly

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    Climate Change