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Protecting agricultural land degradation and irrigation water conservation

Grantee: Environmental and Community Development Association in Dandara
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 12/2021      

Improving the sustainable management of agricultural lands, combating agricultural soil degradation resulting from the excessive use of irrigation water, using laser leveling techniques, and developing irrigation canals to rationalize water consumption.
  • Leveling 360 acres of agricultural land by laser in the targeted areas annually.
  • Developing and lining 3000 linear meters of agricultural watering cans in the villages of Dandara and Al-Tramsa.
  • Reducing the rate of irrigation water consumption by 250 cubic meters per feddan per month in the targeted areas.
  • Increasing the area of ​​agricultural land by 68 carats on both sides of the watering cans after lining them.
  •  Implementation of 25 awareness seminars for farmers and families, with 2,000 farmers in the project implementation areas.
  • Capacity building and training of 200 farmers on watering maintenance works.
  • Implementation of 6 seminars with farmers and stakeholders, targeting 80% of farmers.
  • Training programs to build the capabilities of the project team.
  • The rate of fuel consumption used in irrigation machines decreased by 15% per acre.

The village of Dandara and its dependencies with a total of 18 followers and villages, the village of Al-Tramsa and its dependencies with a total of 10 villages

Directorate of Agriculture, Directorate of Irrigation, Agricultural Associations, Agricultural Association in Dandera, Agricultural Association in Tramsa, Canals Water Users Associations
Beneficiaries: 285 farmers directly benefited from lining their canals, 360 benefited from laser land leveling, 1195 indirectly benefited, including 195 women

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    Land Degradation