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Promoting Solar Panels in Qaliubiya (Shams Baladna)

Grantee: Institute for Cultural Affairs
Start Date: 10/2020
End Date: 12/2021

Spreading solar energy technology by installing solar panels on the roofs of 3 public facilities in Qalyub Center, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and training young people to install and maintain solar panels.
  • Raising environmental awareness among the local population in Qalyub Center in the field of using alternative energy sources.
  • Providing clean energy through the installation of solar energy plants in 4 service institutions (Qalyub Fever Hospital, Qalyub Medical Center, Qalyub Conjunctive Hospital, Primary School)
  • Rationalizing the electricity consumption bill of the targeted facilities and relieving pressure on the public network.
  • Providing 4 units of solar cells as guiding models for the people of Qalyub Center.
  • Training of 12 young people to install and maintain solar cells in the targeted communities.
  • There are 4 government institutions in which employees have been trained to manage and follow up on solar energy projects.
  • Implementation of 5 seminars and 2 campaigns to educate people in Qalyub community about the importance of using solar energy.

4 service institutions in Qalyub city (Qalyub Fever Hospital, Qalyub Medical Center, Qalyub Remedy Hospital, Qalyub Primary School)

The Ministry of Health (Qalyub Fever Hospital, Qalyub Ophthalmology Hospital, Qalyub Medical Center), the Ministry of Education (Qalyub Primary School), solar cell manufacturers.
Beneficiaries: 500 students attending the school, the number of 1000 attending the Qalyub Medical Center, the number of 700 attending the Qalyub Fever Hospital, the number of 400 patients attending the Qalyub Ramad Hospital

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    Climate Change