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Production of biogas and organic compost from animal wastes

Grantee: Together Association for Development
Start Date: 10/2019     
End Date: 12/2021

To provide cleaner sustainable energy for households and produce high quality organic compost to increase agricultural land productivity using animal wastes.

·        Establishment of 21 biogas units with a capacity of 3 cubic meters for each unit.

·        Improving environmental practices related to clean energy in 50 families.

·        Increasing 500 families' awareness of the benefits and advantages of using bioenergy and the safe disposal of animal waste.

·        Providing job opportunities through the installation, operation and maintenance of biogas units in the targeted villages.

·        Implementation of 4 training workshops to build the capabilities of the project team.

The villages of the Isna Center (Al-Zaniga, Al-Ayadat (Asfoun), Tafnis, Al-Shaghb, Al-Nemsa village, Al-Moalla, Al-Hilla, Al-Ghurairah village)

The Bioenergy Corporation, the Agricultural Administration in Esna, the agricultural associations in the targeted villages, the private sector
Beneficiaries: 21 families directly, 500 families indirectly

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    Climate Change