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Mainstreaming Biodiversity and Supporting National Civil Society Organizations in the CBD COP14 and afterwards

Grantee: Nature and Science Foundation
Start Date: 11/ 2018
End Date: 6/ 2020

1. National level: to support Egypt as the Head of the COP for the coming two years and also to mainstream biodiversity in all sectors of sustainable development.

2. SGP Level: to support the GEF/SGP in Egypt in Operational Phase 6 (2017-2020) to achieve its objectives in assisting in the sustainable management of PAs and ensure community participation. and to present the achievements of the SGP in previous phases.

3. NGOs level: to support the involvement and active engagement of the NGOs in the COP14 and considered as active actors and partners.

4. Biodiversity level: to assist improving the biodiversity of Egypt in general through capacity building, increasing awareness raising with a special focus on school and university students, in addition to encouraging scientific research and innovative initiatives
Goals achieved before and during the conference:

·        Supporting civil society organizations to actively participate in the conference and present their various work and activities.
Goals achieved after the conference:

·        Broadcasting environmental programs on local radio for education, culture, awareness and capacity building.

·        Raising the competencies of university and school students on the concepts of biodiversity.

·        Training youth cadres on how to conduct environmental monitoring operations in protected areas.

·        Training on how to launch initiatives in the field of biodiversity and nature conservation.

·        Launching a national initiative called “Protected by its People” to emphasize the importance of youth and local community participation in supporting environmental and biodiversity issues.

NGOs working in the field of nature protection and their workers, researchers, students of universities, private and public schools, a number of Egyptian universities and the general public

Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection Sector in the Environmental Affairs Agency, Schools, Universities, Egyptian Forum for Sustainable Development
Beneficiaries: More than 5,000 people from representatives of 15 NGOs and 11 universities

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