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Industrial Utilization of Baladi Palm Midribs and leaflets

Grantee: Egyptian Society for Endogenous Development of Local Communities
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 12/2021

To contribute to the upgrading of the economic value of palm products of leaves and midribs as an important ecological resource and as a local raw material that feeds in a number of small industries, to sustain the agricultural biodiversity at the local level and enhance socioeconomic development of the most needy social groups in Al-Qayat and a nearby villages.

  • Establishing small environmental industries from raw materials of wicker and palm leaf, including home manufacturing activities.
  • Providing job opportunities for young men and women in the village of Al-Qayat and from one of the neighboring villages, for the development of the local community.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of palm ores, as an important resource for local raw materials that contribute to economic and social development.
  • Training and rehabilitation of women and men in the village to deal with palm ores in the context of handicraft industries.
  • Establishing appropriate entities to organize the participation of local women's groups in its management and to benefit from its returns.
  • Training 10 women on closing wicker products, evaluating the performance of trainees, and providing guidance in improving quality.
  •  Training of 30 women on palm wicker dyeing and braiding to raise the value of the final product and add a wider scope for innovation.
  • Developed 12 new designs for palm wicker products using the techniques the girls learned during training.

Al-Qayat village and one of the neighboring villages in Al-Adwa Center, Minia

Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University, Care International, Furniture factories, a group of designers from the association’s friends, Al-Qayat Youth Center
Beneficiaries: 125 women, 8 men, 50 palm plantation owners

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