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Increase Visibility of the Small Grants Program

Grantee: Arabic Foundation for Media &Culture
Start Date: 10/2020
End Date: 12/2021

The project aims to increase the visibility of SGP projects and activities in line with the OP6 Knowledge Management Strategy as well as to develop management and dissemination of SGP knowledge to all stakeholders and provide comprehensive and accurate information, highlighting the activities of the SGP in OP6.

  • Filming and producing 13 video films about projects funded by the Small Grants Program during the sixth practical phase.
  • Filming and producing a comprehensive film on the sixth practical phase of the Small Grants Program.
  • Preparing and designing a comprehensive booklet of the projects of the sixth practical phase in both Arabic and English.
  • Managing pages on behalf of the Small Grants Program on social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Implementation of funded advertising campaigns to promote the content and news of the SGP.
  • Design and implementation of (Booth) on behalf of the SGP that can be demounted and installed for use in various forums.

Users of social networking sites in various governorates, associations implementing projects of the sixth practical phase, civil associations in project implementation areas

The associations implementing the projects of the sixth stage, the local authorities in the areas of project implementation, the Association of the Arab Office for Youth and the Environment

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    Knowledge Management