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Improving efficiency of irrigation canals and water rationalization

Grantee: Community Development Association in Naga'e Qet
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 6/2021

Preserving agricultural land from deterioration, rationalizing irrigation water and maximizing its use in the villages of Qena Center..

·        Building an area of ​​4,002 square meters of private irrigation canals, and pouring them with regular concrete.

·        Saving 16 thousand cubic meters of water wasted per month, as a result of designing, building and lining irrigation canals.

·        Increasing the agricultural area by adding areas on both sides of the length of the canal, with a total of about 176 carats.

·        Increasing the productivity of the feddan in a way that positively affects the increase in farmers' incomes by increasing the area and productivity.

·        Providing permanent irrigation for about 3,000 feddans under the control of the targeted villages.

·        Reducing the cost of feddan irrigation as a result of reducing the rate of irrigation hours, and rationalizing energy consumption.

·        Saving farmers' time and effort due to long irrigation periods, and reducing disputes between farmers.

·        Reducing the infection of agricultural crops with diseases as a result of the spread of weeds and insects, and reducing the use of pesticides harmful to humans and animals.

4 villages in the center of Qena (Al Ashraf, Abnoud, Karam Omran, Al Dom)

Directorate of Agriculture, Directorate of Irrigation, Agricultural Associations, the National Council for Women, Canal Water Users Associations, NGOs in the project implementation areas
Beneficiaries: 1600 farmers (1000 beneficiaries from mesqas - awareness 400 men and 200 women) - 400 workers

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    Land Degradation