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Improve the efficiency of irrigation canals in the villages of the Naqada

Grantee: South Egypt Development Association
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 6/2021

Addressing the problem of agricultural land degradation by lining irrigation canals and reducing water losses, to enable more farmers to benefit from the available irrigation water, and to make irrigation systems more efficient.
  • Building and lining 21 watering cans for 21 clients, with a length of 4105 meters, to serve 150 farmers, with a total area of ​​300 acres.
  • Providing an area of ​​70 carats of arable land through the lining process.
  • Provide 15 thousand cubic meters of irrigation water per month.
  • Providing the number of irrigation hours in a way that rationalizes water consumption and saves the farmer's effort in the irrigation process.
  • Reducing the use of fuel at a rate of 10 liters of diesel per farmer per day, and reducing pollutants by 50%.
  • Elimination of fallow lands by adding an area of ​​70 carats on both sides of the mesqas.
  • Reducing the use of agricultural pesticides to eliminate weeds and insects on both sides of the watering can.
  • Raising the awareness of 2000 men and women farmers about the importance of rationalizing water and making maximum use of it.
  • Providing irrigation water for about 300 acres of agricultural land.

7 villages of Naqada Center (Awsat Qmola, Bahri Qmula, Qarya, Sous, Danfiq, Cement, Bechlaw)

Directorate of Agriculture, Directorate of Irrigation, Agricultural Associations, Canal Water Users Associations
Beneficiaries: 450 farmers (150 beneficiaries from mesqas - awareness raising 240 men and 60 women) - 21 clients (17 men and 4 women) - 1000 indirect beneficiaries (450 women and 550 men) - 60 young people


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    Land Degradation