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Improve solid waste management system in Dahshour

Grantee: Bir Al-Waldin Society for Social Services in Dahshur
Start Date: 3/2020
End Date: 12/2021

The projects aim to have a sustainable solid waste management system in Dahshour area and raise the awareness of inhabitants on environmental challenges which will positively impact their environment and health.

  • The participation of 2000 families in the residential waste collection system.
  • Raising the awareness of 3000 housewives in Dahshur community about the dangers of dumping waste in the streets and waterways.
  • Raising the awareness of 300 schoolchildren on how to safely dispose of waste.
  • Supporting 12 governmental and private institutions with waste collection funds.
  • Converting 5 random waste dumps into green yards.
  • Enhancing income opportunities for 40 women through training and support with separate units from the source.
  • Providing job opportunities in the production of organic fertilizer (vermicomposting) through the recycling of waste.

Dahshur Village, Badrashin, Giza

Dahshur Local Unit, Dahshur Primary School
Beneficiaries: 5549 direct beneficiaries, thousands of Dahshur villagers indirectly

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    Climate Change