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Fayoum Free of Plastic

Grantee: Al-Nouran Foundation for Development
Start Date: 10/2020
End Date: 12/2021

To provide and widely disseminate alternatives of single-use plastic bags and to mainstream the reduction of using plastic in other landscapes in OP6
  • Increasing the community participation, through the formation of effective working groups, which include the project's partner agencies and bodies in the community, to reduce the use of plastic.
  • Preparing a strategy and an executive action plan to manage plastics sustainably in the city of Fayoum.
  • Increasing environmental awareness of the plastic problem for young entrepreneurs, through the implementation of a training program and field visits to facilities working in plastic recycling.
  • Establishing a unit for the production of single-use plastic alternatives, as one of the most important outputs of the project, and an embodiment of the principle of sustainable impact of the project.
  • Increasing the volume of community participation, especially youth, in combating plastic and climate change issues.
  • The Governor's decision (No. 190 of 2022) was issued regarding banning the use of single-use plastic bags and tools in public stores in the field of food (vegetables, fruits, bread) and pharmacies in the Fayoum governorate.

Fayoum City, Tunis Village, Wadi El Rayan Protected Area

Fayoum University, Directorate of Education, National Council for Women, Directorate of Youth and Sports, Natural Reserves in Fayoum, Association of Potters in Tunis Village, Petah Association in Tunis Village, Health Directorate, Fayoum Culture Palace
Beneficiaries: 47 thousand citizens received alternatives to plastic, 6000 beneficiaries of door-knock campaigns, 5000 visitors to the natural reserves in Fayoum, 1200 youth and club and youth center visitors, 300 students and teachers, 100 women pioneers of the National Council for Women, and 120 workers in supermarkets and pharmacies partner.

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    Climate Change