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Electricity rationalization by using LED lamps

Grantee: Al-Aafak Al-Oulia for Environmental services and development
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 12/2021

To provide sustainable solutions to improve the climate situation in Etsa, and Fayoum city, and mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions, by raising the community’s awareness on energy efficiency, and reducing electricity consumption by using LED bulbs.

  • Enabling 738 families from the targeted villages to purchase energy-saving lamps using the revolving loan system.
  • Raising the capacities of 14 environmental educators in the villages of the Itsa Center to educate people by using LED lights.
  • Raising awareness of the citizens in the villages of implementing the project by using energy-saving bulbs instead of regular bulbs.
  • Achieving an economic return for the residents of the project villages, by saving on the electricity bill.
  • Lower rates of monthly electricity consumption, which reduces harmful emissions.
  • Enhancing awareness of the importance of using energy-saving lamps to preserve the local and global environment.
  • Supporting the people's sense of safety, by installing LED headlights for public streets.

The villages of (Al-Hajar, Mansha’at Al-Amir, Al-Sadh, Anak, Farhat, Mutawil, Mahmoudiya, Al-Gharq, Atamna Al-Mazra’a, Al-Hamoudat) in the center of Itsa, the villages of (Sayedna Al-Khidr, and Sayedna Musa) in the center of Youssef Al-Siddiq, the building and surroundings of the Wadi Al-Rayan Reserve.

The Environment Department of Fayoum Governorate, Fayoum Electricity Distribution Company, Environmental Affairs Agency, the local unit of Etsa Center, the local unit of Youssef Al-Seddik Center, popular and executive leaders
Beneficiaries: 738 families directly, 14 women environmental educators, thousands of citizens indirectly

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    Climate Change