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Efficiency of irrigation canals in the villages of Armant Center

Grantee: Key of Life Association
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 12/2021

Preserving agricultural land from deterioration, rationalizing irrigation water and maximizing its use, by lining canals to conserve irrigation water, energy and land in the Armant Center.

  • Lining 4000 linear meters of watering cans for 350 small farmers.
  • Improving irrigation systems to serve 250 feddans in a number of villages in the Armant Center.
  • Providing an area of ​​60 carats of agricultural land on both sides of the mesas that have been lined.
  • Providing 9000 cubic meters of irrigation water per month.
  • Saving the number of hours of irrigation, thus saving time, effort and the use of diesel.
  •  Ensuring that irrigation water reaches the ends of the canals, in order to achieve fair water distribution among farmers.
  • Increasing the awareness of 400 farmers of the importance of protecting agricultural land from deterioration, and of the importance of rationalizing irrigation water.
  • Building the capacities of farmers in forming water user associations, to increase their capacity to manage the available water resources.
  • Providing irrigation water for about 300 acres of agricultural land.

3 villages in the Armant Center (Al-Marais, Hajer Abu Daghar, Hajer Al-Marais)

Agricultural administration, irrigation management, agricultural associations, civil associations
Beneficiaries: 350 direct beneficiaries of small farmers, 400 women of farmers' families

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    Land Degradation