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Development of Solid Waste Management System to Support Ecotourism in Fayoum protected areas

Grantee: Environmental Tourism Development Association
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 12/2021

To apply and execute programs to face pollution in Qaroun and Wadi Al Rayan protected areas in order to reserve natural resources and protect biodiversity in both PAs aiming for community beneficial and encouraging ecotourism in the area.

·        Developing a system for solid waste management and separation from the source within the Fayoum Reserves.

·        Establishment of waste separation points in the Qarun and Al Rayan Protected Areas. Each point consists of 4 openings for waste separation.

·        Establishing an observation point to follow the movement of cruise ships in Wadi El Rayan Lake.

·        Cultivation of 50 fruitful palm trees within the Wadi El Rayan Reserve.

·        Improving the quality of tourism services provided to visitors in Al Rayan and Qaroun Protected Areas.

·        Raising the efficiency and support of the local community and the optimal integration of them into the tourism industry.

Fayoum Nature Reserves (Qarun and Wadi El-Rayan)

The Environment Department of Fayoum Governorate, the Nature Protection Sector in the Environmental Affairs Agency, Qarun Reserve Department, Wadi El Rayan Reserve Department
Beneficiaries: 500 thousand visitors annually, residents of surrounding villages, 300 workers in eco-tourism in Fayoum

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