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Creative initiatives to economically empower women in Badrashin

Grantee: Tourism Development association in Dahshour
Start Date: 7/2019
End Date: 12/2021

Creative initiatives to economically empower poor women in Badrashin to increase income in a sustainable way by small and medium projects that are needed in the area, directly affecting the environment by recycling of palm trees wastes.

Capacity building and rehabilitation of 220 women for the labor market, in a way that secures them a decent income that has continuity.

Providing many job opportunities for young people and women from Dahshur village.

Converting palm wastes into products of economic value that generate returns for the beneficiary families.

Implementation of handicraft projects related to environmental materials for the development of tourism in the Dahshur region.

Eliminate pollution problems resulting from burning palm waste or dispose of them in ways that are not environmentally safe.

Enhancing the growth of small and medium enterprises to support the local product.

Dahshur village and a number of villages surrounding the Badrashin Center

Local unit, schools, Dahshur youth center
Beneficiaries: 220 women directly and more than 3000 people indirectly

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