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Project Details.

Conservation of Biodiversity in Rangelands of N.W. Coastal Zone, Egypt (EG-OP1-07)

Recording of plant species available in that area, describing its condition from the plantation and environmental side. Identifying the important range land plantations. Identifying the endangered plantations.

Cooperation with the NGOs in the region.

Conducting public awarness workshops and case sudies.

Documentation of the traditional knowledge of the local Bedouin in the Mediterranean Coastal Zone of Egypt.

To rise up the awareness level of biodiversity problems through a notification program executed through international conferences.

  • Notable Community Participation: Yes
  • Capacity - Building Component: Yes
  • Significant Participation of Indigenous Peoples: Yes
  • Promoting Public Awareness of Global Environment: Yes

Project Results

  • Nurseries were established, plants were cultivated, meetings were held
  • The bedouon wre aware of the importance of plants and their conservation, especially range and medicinal plants
  • The workshop showed the sucsses of raising the awarness among the bedouin about the biological diversity
Operational Program: OP1 - Arid and Semi-Arid Ecosystems
Operational Phase: Phase 1
Grant Amount: 26,549,00 USD

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