Conservation of Biodiversity in Rangelands of N.W. Coastal Zone, Egypt (EG-OP1-07)

Recording of plant species available in that area, describing its condition from the plantation and environmental side. Identifying the important range land plantations. Identifying the endangered plantations. Cooperation with the NGOs in the ... read more

A Modular Prototype for Converting Domestic Solid Waste into Ethanol to Replace Lead in Gasoline (EG-PP-15)

Building a Modular Prototype for Converting Domestic Solid Waste into Ethanol to Replace Lead in Gasoline and to reduce the Production of Greenhouse Gases, thus Curtailing the Problems of Global Warming and depletion of the Ozone Layer.  ... read more

Protecting International Waters (EGY-03-114)

Protecting the Nile river water from municipal waste water pollution by treating the municipal waste water. Reducing environmental pollution resulted from throwing out used water. Improving social, economical and health standards in the ... read more

Lining Irrigation Canals in Qena Villages (EGY/SGP/OP4/Y3/CORE/2010/398)

The projects aims to protect and preserve agricultural land from degradation, as well as to conserve the irrigation water. The project will raise the awareness of 3000 farmers on preserving land from degradation.  ... read more

Protecting Children from Environmental Contaminants (EGY-06-258)

Protecting Children from Environmental Contaminants. Operational Program: OP14 - Draft Elements of an Operational Program for Reducing and Eliminating Releases of Persistent Organic Pollutants  ... read more
  • Focal Areas
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • International Waters
  • Land Degradation
  • Persistant Organic Pollutants
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About SGP

The SGP funds, which do not exceed US$50,000, are eligible for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community based organizations (CBS) in recognition of the key role they play as a resource and constituency for environment and development concerns.

The areas supported by SGP are identical to those supported by the GEF: biodiversity, climate change and international waters.

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