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The direct beneficiaries of GEF-SGP, Egypt are the Non-Profit Organizations whose capacities to serve their communities and protect the environment are built and developed through learning by doing.

In implementing these projects, the NGOs have generated job opportunities to the young local population.

By generating job opportunities for these youngsters, the projects have contributed to community development, probably initiated economic growth in certain cases, but definitely have regenerated the environment and protected natural resources from exploitive use and pollution.

Indirect beneficiaries include technical staff in the local municipal authorities working with the implementing bodies, i.e., NGOs.

By being part of the implemented projects, their capacities are built on new environmental management techniques, and their inter-subjective skills, such as communication, are developed through training and awareness raising activities.

Other indirect groups of beneficiaries are private sector investors who might support the projects once the assistance of GEF-SGP phases out, particularly if these projects have financial gains or at least prove to minimize costs.

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